Rehearsal Rooms


The rehearsal rooms in Stoke-on-Trent boasts two large rehearsal studios, both with a backline which is completely free to use!

Forgot to bring your guitar lead? We've got you covered. Managed to drop your drum key and it somehow teleported to another planet? We've got you covered. Left your Custom Shop guitar in your other Ferrari? We've got you covered. We can happily provide you with a vast array of equipment to help you rehearse, no matter what!

At Riff Factory, our aim is to put music before money. We don't overcharge for our rehearsal space or equipment hire. We take pleasure in aiding bands/artists in every way possible and will do this however we can.


Riff Factory is constantly staffed. We won't unlock the door, let you in, then disappear. We aim to help you rehearse in comfort, and to make sure we do, we are always here when you are!

Two Large Rehearsal Studios

Studio 1 Studio 2

Free WiFi!

Fibre Optic, for your pleasure!

Free Storage!

Leave your cumbersome stacks here.

Tuck Shop!

Get a boost of energy to play those riffs.

Smoking Area!

Free Tea & Coffee!

Caffeine injection to keep up with your drummer.

Male & Female Toilets!

Equal opportunities!

Live Streaming

Stream your rehearsal to your fans.


Rehearsals Include:

  • Drum Shells with 3 Cymbal Stands, Snare stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Kick Pedal & Stool
  • Two Guitar Cabs
  • Bass cab
  • PA System with 2 Microphones

    Available on Request:

  • Guitar Amp Head - £1 for the duration of your rehearsal.
  • Bass Amp - £1 for the duration of your rehearsal.
  • Snare and/or Cymbals - Free but will need to be replaced if damaged.
  • Extra Microphones.
  • Prices & Offers

    Studio 1 & 2 are both available for:

  • 3 Hours - £20
  • 5 Hours - £35
  • 8 Hours - £50

    We will always cater to your needs at Riff Factory. If you want a custom amount of rehearsal time, get in contact with us and we will sort something out for you.

    At Riff Factory, we have built a strong community. One of the things that has helped us to do so is how bands speak so highly of us and spread the word of how good our studios are! In fact, if you practice at the studio and refer another band to rehearse with us, you get your next 3 hour rehearsal for just £15!

    We also like to encourage regular practice for anyone who uses the studio. If you book and pay for three, 3 hour rehearsals upfront for £60, you get a fourth rehearsal for FREE!

  • Live Streaming

    Riff Factory provide a free, 1080p HD quality video streaming/recording service for all bands that want to use it!

    What's so good about this? Let us tell you!

  • You can stream a live set especially for your fans! Maybe you haven't gigged for awhile or just want reach those who can't make it to see you! You'll be able to put on a special show and stream it to people all around the world!

  • You've got something you want to announce to your fans but you want it to be a bit more special. Why not make a big deal about doing it beforehand so you can get a live reaction from your fans? Stream to them direct from your rehearsal!

  • Maybe you want to use this just so you can evaluate your set and get ready for upcoming shows? Record your stage moves so that you can watch them back and get your stage presence to perfection!

  • Using a 16 channel interface, we mic up the room and make you sound Rifftastic! Taking a feed from the GoPro Hero 3+ in Studio 1, we use top-secret methods to stream your session directly to YouTube!

    "Rehearsing in Riff Factory is always a great experience! Ant always goes above and beyond the call of duty to make bands feel comfortable and happy when practicing - whether it be in helping you with your setup, getting the best sound for your practice, or simply by extending hospitality to you via use of the kitchen facilities or the snack shop. Add to this the fact that you can record or film your rehearsals whilst there means that a visit to Riff Factory is ideal before a big show or tour to get your set nailed down!"

    Dominic Webber, The Hiding Place

    Dominic Webber, The Hiding Place

    Our Location

    Right in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent, Riff Factory Rehearsal Rooms are just off the A500 and only 15 minutes walk from Stoke train station.

    Rehearsal Rooms

    Sutherland Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4HS

    ANT HULME:  07763 134 344

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