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High quality recording services in the midlands giving you great sounds at great prices


Situated in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Riff Factory Recording Studio is conveniently in the heart of Stoke making it the perfect place for great quality recording.

The heart of Riff Factory Recording Studio is its large, specially designed, live room which has been carefully engineered and acoustically treated to enable the creation of truly exquisite sounds. Along with kitchen and bathroom facilities the studio features a control room centred around an analogue desk and digital setup which means when you record at the Riff Factory anything is possible.

The studio is run by Tom Carter; an experienced sound engineer with a degree in music technology. Tom will help you turn the sounds in your head into reality for the world to hear.

Recording Services


Perform your music in the acoustically treated live room. Tom will work around you with his carefully selected collection of mics to capture the sound you can hear in the room. Working quickly and discretely, you'll easily forget he's there, enabling you to perform at your best.


Using industry standard software, experienced engineer Tom will work with you to create the sounds you can hear in your imagination.


If you have a finished mix which needs a final polish, or maybe just another pair of expert ears, just pass it to Tom with some examples of other masters you like. In no time at all you'll have a professional sounding master.


If you write lyrics and need some music to accompany you, Tom will work with you to craft the perfect backing track. Jingles or any other kind of composition are available too!


Need to record some narration for an advert, audio book, or video project? No problem!


Old worn out tapes, crackly vinyl, or that demo you recorded 10 years ago that needs bringing back to life. Any kind of audio manipulation is possible at Riff Factory.

"Thanks for all the hard work and great sounds!

I’ve been working with Tom at Riff Factory for a couple of years now. I released an EP in 2015 and am just about to release a full 14 track album. Tom’s got a great laid back approach which really puts you at ease in the studio and has been great with the half dozen musicians who’ve recorded with me. Check out the results on my EP 'ONE WAY TICKET' and 2016 album 'Another Year'." - Graham Dawson

Studio Facilities

  • Large Live Room
  • Analogue Desk
  • Huge Effects Pedal Collection
  • House Drum kit and Amp Selection
  • Well Equipped Kitchen
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Handy Parking
  • Experienced Engineer

Everything you need for the prefect recording experience!

The large live room has a homely feel, while being spacious enough to give everyone room to move and properly perform. We can easily accommodate 6 performers in here at once.

You'll have the choice of using the house drum kit and any of the studio's guitar amps. Currently available in the studio are amps from Blackstar, Engl, Hughes & Kettner, Peavey, Marshall and more.

The control room is where Tom crafts the sounds. There's a settee in here so that you can sit in and explain your sound to him.

Inside the studio you'll find a well equipped kitchen and clean bathroom as well as a large live room. This is where you can spend hours marvelling over Tom's massive collection of effects pedals, percussion, and other intriguing instruments

Take a Listen

Check out some of the different artists to come through Riff Factory recording studios.

Release - "Neat Seat"

An up and coming hard rocking indie band from Stoke

Sworn To Oath - "Bulls On Parade"

Metal band from Stoke covering Rage Against The Machine in the studio.

Quiet The Thief - "Slow Running Train"

Hard rock from this awesome four piece.

Cam Pye - "You Said"

Heartfelt pop with a powerful voice.

Recording Rates and Packages

Can't see what you need below? We are happy to provide custom quotes to meet your needs so please don't hesitate to contact us to find out what we can do for you.

All our recording rates include post-session mixing and mastering at no extra charge!

Full Day


  • Includes:

  • 8 Hours Recording

  • Mixing and Mastering

E.P. Package


  • Includes:

  • 16 Hours/2 Days Recording

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Custom Artwork

  • 100 Packaged CDs

  • Online EP Release

Recording FAQs

How much can I achieve in a day?

It depends how well you're rehearsed, and what's involved. The examples below can be used as a guide however if you want to get a clearer estimate please feel free to contact us to talk through your ideas

A solo artist who's well rehearsed with only one instrument and minor backing vocals could easily achieve 4 songs in a day. To add extra instruments takes more time, so to add drums, percussion, bass, keys, and any electronic instruments would take another day.

Some bands want to dedicate more time to each instrument; recording them in isolation to achieve polished perfection. This means spending more time on each track so a 4 piece rock band might take 2 full days to record 3 tracks this way.

Other bands like to record "live" all performing simultaneously, and while this limits the possible results, the potential for a well rehearsed band to achieve an energetic performance is often enhanced by this approach. A good example of this is Manchester blues band Bones Shake who recorded a full album in just under 6 hours. It took us two hours to get set up with a sound everyone liked, and the rest of the time was spent recording their performance

What do I take home?

Your songs in any format you like. Usually an mp3 or WAV file via the internet, but CDs are available. Ask for a quote for multiple CDs or artwork.

What do I need to bring?

We have a good range of guitar and bass amps, pedals, percussion, full drum kit with snare and cymbals all available to use. If you have a sound you like, it's always best to bring your usual set-up, although experimentation with our gear is always encouraged.

How far in advance do I need to book?

It depends on the calendar, but we usually need a few weeks notice to fit you in. It's always good to give us an idea of what you'll need for the session a couple of days before so that we can prepare. This will give you more time to record. For example, if you'd like to use the house-kit, we can have it ready mic'd when you arrive.

Recording Studio Location

Riff Factory Recording Studio is located in Stoke-on-trent. With easy access from Junction 15 or 16 of the M6 the studio is conveniently placed for musicians from all over the UK, and particularly handy for Birmingham, Manchester, the Midlands and North West.

Recording Studio

Sutherland Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4HS

TOM CARTER:  07967 088 317 Make an Enquiry

Our What 3 Words address is: ///vital.juices.tides